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Reviewer: Angela (Anonymous)
01 Sep 2006 8:51 am
Nice H/C story for the boys. Cheers.
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Reviewer: Willow (Anonymous)
03 Jun 2006 4:01 am
Nice!!! I liked your story a lot ;-)
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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
20 Feb 2006 2:34 am
Damn Rodney for falling asleep again. I want to know why Minerva and co turned on them ;). I liked the teasing and bantering that John and Rodney used to try to mask their concern for each other. John's worried efforts to get Rodney sorted out were nicely done, as was Rodney's own effort in getting John back to safety. Great look at their friendship. Laura.
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Reviewer: angw (Anonymous)
19 Feb 2006 7:20 am
This is the third great fic starting from the GUP one. Cheers for that and keep 'em coming :D
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Reviewer: illman (Anonymous)
18 Feb 2006 11:12 am
Great story! Just the right lenght and it has everything in it.
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