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Reviewer: DaVinci's Girl (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 12:40 am
Like a good Canadian I've watched both hockey and dance in the last 24 hours. Your story made me laugh. Thanks.
Compulsory Dances
Reviewer: CrayonEater (Anonymous)
21 Feb 2006 10:18 pm
I second the comment on a sequel seeing Rodney and Radek go over the win, but I really want to see where a conversation about Jon getting excited over the funny people in skates and spandex leads ;)
Compulsory Dances
Reviewer: GraceandFire (Signed)
21 Feb 2006 10:06 pm
Hee, cute :) I'd like to see more little snippets about the olympics. Maybe Pegasus can bring over a tape of the games.
Compulsory Dances
Reviewer: anyanka (Anonymous)
21 Feb 2006 7:15 pm
Just watched Canada beat the Czech Republic. Would love see a fic of Rodney's reaction to the victory :-)
Compulsory Dances