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Reviewer: Emmuzka (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2006 7:07 pm
I see a lot of effort in this fic, but emotionally, it left me cold. Which is a pretty bad thing, considering it's a rape fic... Rape description doesn't have to be pretty, but it *has to be* tastefully done. Talking about his "sore ass" defenitely does not help any. Anyway, are you sure that these two adults, the two *guys* would talk so openly, heart-to-heart about the situation, right after? I don't think that John would be all "I know you liked my virginty". Imho, John would rather eat broken glass than say that.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the fic and that you found the rape scene offensive . I wanted the rape to be brutal and graphic to set the tone for the rest of the fic. I know John isn't usually open with his feelings, but I think that everybody has different initial reactions to traumatic events, as all kinds of emotions are floating close to the surface. I really want to explore John’s softer side in this fic. I’m also a modern woman – guys have feelings too!!
Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
24 Feb 2006 3:16 pm
brilliant, all of it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
Reviewer: denise_42 (Anonymous)
24 Feb 2006 7:43 am
This is really good please keep undating i can't wait for the next part.

Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm writing as fast as possible! :)
Reviewer: charlie (Anonymous)
23 Feb 2006 2:45 am
i love the way you've written this, unflinching pain, and misery. poor boys have a had time ahead. cant wait to read it.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
23 Feb 2006 1:53 am
Poor John, all over the map emotionally. Not that it isn't completely understandable :(. I'm glad Rodney was there for him and that John drew comfort from him, but I fear that Rodney still has a battle ahead of him to convince John that he still loves him. Can't wait to find out. Laura.

Author's Response: John's going to get worse unfortunately. His desperation to keep Rodney as his lover is going to make him do some rash things!! Thanks for the review!
Reviewer: The Huntress (Signed)
22 Feb 2006 11:55 pm
I really want to bawl right now. Both men are feeling so much pain inside. They have a long road of recovery ahead, but I am sure they will get through this, just like they get through everything else. More please and soon....

Author's Response: Not that I like upseting you, but I'm so glad you want to bawl!! It means I must be doing ok up to now. Thank you!!
Reviewer: BLV (Signed)
22 Feb 2006 11:49 pm
It's beautifully written :-D Emotions and characters are very well portrayed.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that the emotions are being portrayed. I was a bit worried that the characters would come over a bit bland on that front. Thank you :)
Reviewer: Tracy (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 11:04 pm
This makes me so sad, but that's good. There hasn't been a fic in so long that has the power to make me sad. Beautifully written. I look forward to John's recovery.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm trying not to rush John's recovery, but I really want them to be happy again!!
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
22 Feb 2006 10:36 am
And it's just as heartbreaking from Rodney's pov as it was John's :(. They've got some work ahead of them, but I'm confident Rodney will pull John through. Laura.
Rodney's pain
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
22 Feb 2006 10:34 am
Oh sad. I mean, yay, he's back home and safe, but sad that he can't accept Rodney's comfort. Lets hope Rodney works at him and doesn't let John pull away. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you again for your kind review! Any tips to help me improve would be appreciated :)
Return home
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
22 Feb 2006 10:31 am
Oy, this is so not gonna be good. Why do I have the feeling that Rodney's gonna try to do something rash? Like, oh, take a 'Jumper and a couple of nukes through the 'Gate to deliver to Kolya personally? Of course, these nukes would be tons better than the Genii's crude approximations thereof. ;) And then Rodney would procede to shove those nikes up Kolya's nasty ass. Oh yeah, I'm a vindictive bitch when I wanna be. Heh. More soon, I hope? ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Nice thought!! More soon I promise, thank you :)
Rodney's pain
Reviewer: Rayne (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 6:56 am
but suddenly John’s eyes clouded over and the hand he wanted so much to hold was snatched back. John turned his head away, and Rodney’s heart broke least he's home now. thanks for sharing...rayne

Author's Response: Thank you again!!
Rodney's pain
Reviewer: miscbills (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 4:18 am
poor john and rodney :( how is their relationship going to survive this?

Author's Response: Hmmm! It's going to be a difficult time for John :)
John's rape
Reviewer: Rayne (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 12:52 am
I must admit I have a soft spot for John/Rodney h/c. Especially when it's John who is hurt and Rodney who has to comfort. This looks to be an interesting opportunity for Rodney to help John though this. Hope there is more soon. Thanks for sharing. Rayne

Author's Response: Thank you for the support! I must admit I was nervous about submitting a fic, but after reading such supportive comments, my confidence is increasing :)
John's rape
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
21 Feb 2006 11:47 pm
Great start. Very tense, and indeed, *in*tense. John's rape was always going to be traumatic, but it seems somehow worse after learning that he and Rodney were taking it slow while John built up to it, only to have it all come crashing down with Kolya's actions. And how did he know about John and Rodney? That's another problem to think on. I also have to commend you on your choice for John. There aren't too many fics that have John break down so completely, let him be so utterly terrified. I'm guilty of having John somehow endure, myself, so I know from whence I speak *g*. It's a refreshing change, and I can't wait to see what happens next with John, and also how Rodney deals. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you!!:) I'm glad the rape wansn't too offensive, but I thought to set the tone for John's reaction, it had to be quite extreme.
John's rape
Reviewer: The Huntress (Signed)
21 Feb 2006 11:22 pm
For a first fic, you come on like gangbusters...and as someone who has raped John also, I think you're doing a great job ...and of course it had to be Kolya, who is my fav rapist/villain...looking forward to more and I hope soon....

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm hoping my writing will improve as I continue :)
John's rape
Reviewer: Kristeen (Signed)
21 Feb 2006 10:25 pm
WOW!!! Very Intense!!! Poor John! Hugs Him!!! I really loved the Angst and Whumpage you put John through! How will he ever recover from this, and will Rodney ever get the chance to make love to him after what has happened!Can't wait to read more, so please update soon! LOL!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! It's my first fic so I really appreciate your support.
John's rape