Reviews For Fall

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Reviewer: shipperchick (Anonymous)
26 May 2006 2:15 pm
Wow. Really loved this. It flows like raw silk (which sounds cheesy, but is honestly the comparison that i can come up with) -- smooth with a little bit of texture to trip you up once in a while. I especially adore the *little* textual things that just totally shape the militariness and absolute pragmatism of John's character -- the pulling of his gun every so often, the 'i can't always get there', and at the end, the way he 'counsels' her -- it comes across as very much a 'CO counselling a noob'. The 'told you' at the end was just perfect John -- the easy acceptance that all along, he knows that things are the way he wants them to be, and just waiting for Elizabeth to catch up to his train of thought. Really nice.