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Reviewer: DragonLadyK (Signed)
15 Jun 2008 10:00 pm
This was very entertaining. Ronon doesn't tolerate much bullshit in the show, nor does he in your fic.

Author's Response: Thank you. That's one of the things I like most about Ronon (well, other than the obvious *g*), so I'm happy it comes across in my writing.
Reviewer: DaVinci's Girl (Anonymous)
02 Mar 2006 12:32 am
It's very cute. It works well without any slash since then it is pure duty and friendship without alterior motives. Love the ending.

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad it worked for you.
Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Anonymous)
01 Mar 2006 1:21 pm
Yay I love MotherHen!Ronan. I giggled through the whole story. That is one pairing I never thought I'd see in a million years. But you do it well. Not sure I see it slashed though. Ronan would snap him like a twig. Anyway, were you going to ass more. You should. Nudge Nudge. hehehe

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely comments. I'm glad it made you giggle. I don't see there being more to this, but I like the idea of them working together, so the friendship may pop up in other stories. Think of all the fun they could have tormenting McKay :p
Reviewer: JiM (Anonymous)
01 Mar 2006 6:41 am
Lovely! I think you could sneak into slash here, but it stands beautifully as Ronon choosing to look after someone who could use it and whom he respects. His intimidation of the marines was charming!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it. I think someone could sneak into slash here, but probably not me. I think I do better sticking with subtext. Again, thanks for commenting.
Reviewer: Waldo. (Anonymous)
01 Mar 2006 2:58 am
This is just adorable! I can so totally see their relationship working like this. I love Ronon out-logicing Zelenka about why he should go to bed - there may be a disaster in the morning and he should be fresh for it. And if *that* failed, appeal to the 'be smarter than McKay' side of him. Just lovely!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. I think Ronon's years as a Runner have given him a very pragmatic approach to life (if he wasn't before), and I'm glad that came across here.