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Reviewer: Cygnet (Anonymous)
04 Mar 2006 9:14 pm
Author's Response: Are you pushing for a McCarson sandwich? *wink* LOL!Am I that transparent? *g* Hell yeah, I'm all for the McBeck if you were to be so kind as to write some in the future. You did such a nice job on Savvy, i thought i would just encourage you. For the good of your art and the world and all. ;) Swansmooches!
Reviewer: Cygnet (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2006 8:40 pm
I have to be honest and say i did not read this as its McShep,i'm sure it was great as you are such a fantastic writer, but if you are practicing, perhaps you will do other pairings as well in the future? *crosses fingers*

Author's Response: Are you pushing for a McCarson sandwich? *wink*
Reviewer: dannylover934 (Signed)
03 Mar 2006 3:34 pm
This was really good! If this is you getting used to these kinds of stories, I can't wait to see what the stories are like when you get used to them!
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
03 Mar 2006 3:12 pm
*whew* *fans self industriously* Damn that was awesome. And hot... did anyone tell you this was incredibly hot? *whew* ----}-@ Krys
Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Signed)
03 Mar 2006 2:02 pm
**Brain Melt** My stomach was getting all warm and tingly while I read this. Well done. Hot!Fluff the best kind. You rock keep writing.
Reviewer: jacqui (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2006 10:48 am
please let this be the beginning of a series? This was wonderful. Did not want it to end.
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2006 8:35 am
All the non-touching part was wonderfully sensuous and the rest followed naturally. Man, can you write!
Reviewer: Ivrian (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2006 7:58 am
Still learning the ropes ? But very well-done, my dear ! Congratulations !