Reviews For Unleashed

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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
18 Mar 2006 11:55 am
Ah, it's kinda funny that the big scary thing turned out to be a female and potential mate. My feminist side liked the man cowering in fear from the woman *g*. I wasn't so pleased by her treatment of John though, nor that it pushed the male creature to be that much more vicious :(. I wonder if it's the same female that the team have just captured? I had to feel sorry for Lorne getting those death glares from Ronon...not a nice place to be :(. I hope they find John soon, he's not in a good way. Laura.

Author's Response: Hi, Laura! I knew some of the girls would like that little twist! I know I did. No, it's not the same female that Ronon and the gang captured. Yes, poor Lorne! I like him, but I keep getting him into trouble! Thanks for the review! JJ
Reviewer: angelwings (Signed)
18 Mar 2006 5:57 am
see i said this was gonna be good! (as charlie- cause thats me!) and oh look i was right! *vbg* you got me on tender hooks love! cant wait to find out what happens next- roll on the Sheppard Whumping is all i can say! lol

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks! The Sheppard whump WILL continue, even after his rescue. Thanks for the review! I appreciate it! JJ
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
15 Mar 2006 1:05 am
And it just gets more intriguing. I like that we've had some information about the Ungue, but that a lot of it is still a mystery. It's not good that the creature is probing John's mind so much though, as it is obviously causing him great pain :(. And now what's happening? What's responsible for the cry that's upset John's captor so much? Nothing good, I'm sure. Looking forward to the next chapter. Laura.

Author's Response: Hi, Laura! I'm having fun writing some background for the Ungue, so I'll get into a little bit of it in the next chapter. Thanks for the review! The scarier thing is upcoming. JJ
Reviewer: tracy-thenaggingone (Anonymous)
14 Mar 2006 7:36 pm
freaky cool and interesting. continue please.

Author's Response: Hi, tracy! Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying all the freaky stuff. Thanks for the review! JJ
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
09 Mar 2006 3:24 am
ew. But want more. Just lemme get over the ickies first.

Author's Response: Hi, kamelion! I'm glad you want more even if you have the ickies. There will be a break as I go back to Some Days for an update before coming back to this story. Thanks for the review! JJ
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
08 Mar 2006 4:18 am
Oy frickin vey. What the hell?! And Ronon's so gonna be pissed that he was left behind and couldn't wach Sheppard's back on this one. More soon? :) ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Hi, Krys! Yeap, Ronon, and the team, are not going to be happy when they find out what's happened. I'll be working on Some Days next, and then I'll come back to this one. It won't take too long! Thanks for the review! JJ
Reviewer: tracy-thenaggingone (Anonymous)
08 Mar 2006 4:13 am
WOW!! OMG!!! What at horrific amazing beginning. You will be posting more soon right?!

Author's Response: Hi, tracy! Thanks! I'll be posting the next chapter after I've worked a bit on Some Days. I'll be moving from story to story. I find that keeps me more interested and motivated. Thanks for the review! JJ
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
08 Mar 2006 2:14 am
What a great start; really caught my attention. It's quite alarming to see John reacting so differently to his normal laid back personna, but it's something I can readily accept after they found the LP and it's personnel so thoroughly destroyed. He *does* feel all the loses, think he's failed somehow, and to lose twelve at once and so close to the false alarm involving Lorne; well, I certainly don't begrudge John a bit of processing time. I'm pleased to see that the others are aware of it and I liked taht Rodney tried to draw him out, even if he did only end up in John's office as a way to escape Ronon. I'm sure that he, Ronon and Teyla won't let John get away with leaving them behind for much longer. The discovery of all the bones and such was very disturbing, even more so due to the fact that they seemed to be related to the attack on the LP. And now, evil, evil cliffhanger! What's attacked John and how much damage has it done? Can't wait to find out. Laura.

Author's Response: Wow, Laura! Thanks! Yes, I do have poor John feeling down in this story, but the team will be there for him . . . eventually! See, that's me being EVIL right there. Hee! Thanks for the review! I appreciate it! JJ
Reviewer: songspinner (Anonymous)
08 Mar 2006 1:16 am
Well, you got my attention so far. :) Intriguing...

Author's Response: Hi, songspinner! Thanks! I'm glad you find it intriguing. Thanks for the review. JJ
Reviewer: charlie (Anonymous)
08 Mar 2006 12:07 am
ohh, this is gonna be good... i can tell.

Author's Response: Hi, charlie! I'm glad you think so! I'll try my best. Thanks for the review. JJ