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Reviewer: witchofthedogs (Signed)
07 Jul 2006 7:44 pm
I am new to the fandom and have been sifting through piles of dreck and treacle and I saw this and... wow. Just wow. Subtle and snarky and detailed without being overdone and just too damned good for words. Thank you.

Author's Response: You're welcome and thank you in return.
Reviewer: simanis (Anonymous)
17 May 2006 10:56 am
Hi, just found this site and have been reading for days and came to this story. I know you wrote it some time back. This story is interesting, yea Dr Weir said something of John not obeying orders and such from Col Sumner and 'whathsiname?" SG1 and other than that nothing. (seen Season 1 only)How about doing a sequel and tell how he was in Afghanistan. Will be interesting. thanks anyway. hey, I enjoy this story.

Author's Response: Afghanistan was like Atlantis, except not. He followed orders, railed against the bureaucracy, and fought the good fight.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
15 Mar 2006 10:16 am
This is a great look at John's past. I don't recall seeing a fic that dealt with the time immediately after Afghanistan before, so this is a good bit of character development ripe for the picking :). I thought you caught his tone very well. I particularly liked the flashback to his CO Eaves. The man had a valid point about John undermining him. Up until now, it's always been sort of poor John being unfairly black marked for trying to save people, which yes, he had the best intentions, but that talk with Eaves was the first I've seen that put the other side across in a reasonable way. Great fic. Laura.

Author's Response: Sheppard is good for Atlantis for many of the same reasons that he was bad for the Air Force. It's unfair to the character -- and to the fans -- to present him as unblemished and infallible. Cuz he most certainly ain't.