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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
21 Aug 2006 2:00 am
Simply put, I want more...pretty please? I got a basket of cherries here.

Author's Response: :) Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it enough to offer bribes.
The Shower Scene
Reviewer: Laughing Magpie (Anonymous)
26 Mar 2006 1:48 am
Well done and a nice 'twist', so to speak. While I loved DUET, I too thought it lacked a few subtle (or maybe not so subtle, considering some of the other jokes they've gotten away with) comments in this area. Have you ever read the book DICK FOR A DAY?

Author's Response: Thanks! They did tend to be a little on the overly clean side on this ep, didn't they? I haven't read that book.
The Shower Scene
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
26 Mar 2006 1:18 am
Yeah, I really thought they wasted this potential in the show. Thanks!

Author's Response: Heh. I like to pretend that's why Rodney felt so violated the next morning. His reactions were just a little over the top, even for him. *g* I do wish they'd at least let Rodney and Laura have a veiled (aka suitable for TV) conversation about mastering one's domain or some such.
The Shower Scene
Reviewer: Ellex (Signed)
25 Mar 2006 5:25 pm
Oh, wow...that was incredible. Truly amazing. Thank you for writing what I've been wanting to read.

Author's Response: Now that is wonderful praise indeed. Thank you!
The Shower Scene
Reviewer: Soledad (Signed)
25 Mar 2006 5:22 pm
That was hysterically funny, with all the mental adjustments about whom the respective body parts actually belonged... but also quite hot.

Author's Response: Thank you! It was what I was striving for. I'm glad that I was successful.
The Shower Scene
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2006 3:54 pm
I loved this!! I think it would be awesome be a man for 20 mins...just to experience this! LOL

Author's Response: Hee. Me too. One of the many reasons why I wrote it. Mary Sue rides again! But in a hopefully clever disguise. *G*
The Shower Scene