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Reviewer: Roberta-Ruperdta (Anonymous)
30 Dec 2006 7:37 pm
Fun! funny, sexy and wonderfully visual! Thanks!
Planet Mud
Reviewer: flubber (Signed)
21 Jul 2006 11:03 pm
Is there going to be any more of this? It is hil..hilar...funny!! Thanks for making me laugh! TTFN. flubber
OMG, It's the doctor from hell
Reviewer: haggy (Anonymous)
29 May 2006 2:29 pm
This was hysterical I do hope you find time to finish it :)

Author's Response: Oh, I will... eventually. I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading!
OMG, It's the doctor from hell
Reviewer: torturedangel (Signed)
04 May 2006 6:30 am
omg toooooooooooooo funny!! more!!! plz!! :)

Author's Response: lol, thanks!
OMG, It's the doctor from hell
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
02 May 2006 8:06 am
*Giggles insanely*. OMG that was funny. Poor boys being tortured by Doctor Lewis. Poor marines being tortured by listening to/watching their CO in this state :). I loved the distraction-by-Gameboy *g*. As for Kavanagh, I hope he gets some suitable comeuppance! maybe set Miko on him, I bet she could kick his ass if she found out what he'd done to her beloved Rodney. Laura.

Author's Response: Miko shall have her revenge!!! :) And John would be the one to be distracted by a Gameboy. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback!
OMG, It's the doctor from hell
Reviewer: wisewander (Anonymous)
02 May 2006 3:44 am
This is absolutly crazy and i love you for writing it. I can not wait for more THANK YOU!

Author's Response: OMG!!! Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! *is crazy* =)
OMG, It's the doctor from hell
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
07 Apr 2006 10:52 pm
Oops! ::giggles:: It really didn't stand a chance of being a nice, simple mission, did it? *g*. Looking forward to what happens next. Laura.

Author's Response: lol... nothing ever goes as planned. thanks for the review!!
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Reviewer: mangst (Anonymous)
05 Apr 2006 1:11 am
I like drunk/high Rodney. I think his stream of consciousness thoughts would be interesting when he's sober, but when U.T.I, hilarious!

Author's Response: OMG! thank you! Be sure to check out the new chapter I just put up!
Planet Mud
Reviewer: bonita7 (Signed)
28 Mar 2006 3:52 am
Okay, now I have to clean the coffee off the monitor screen - thanks! Really, that was one of the more humorous pieces I've read in a while. Narcotic mud...a spa mudbath would have a whole new meaning and be in much greater demand.
Planet Mud
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
27 Mar 2006 5:16 pm
Why did I have to giggle threw the whole Story as if I was the one who hat the pod mud bath? Must be the brilliant craziness of the whole thing. Thanks; had a lot of fun. (And AWWW, I !love! sweet Carson/Rodney/John threesomes)
Planet Mud
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
27 Mar 2006 9:20 am
Well, yay for the narcotic mud and the reports/poem/blog detailing their thoughts on Carson, plus Carson seeing said thoughts :). Rodney's thoughts as he was high were very funny and very stream of consciousness :). Laura.
Planet Mud
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
27 Mar 2006 6:40 am
HOWL!!! Wait, did Carson get some of that mud on him too? *snigger* Oh shit, John and Rodney are in SO much trouble! HOWL!!! ROTFLMFAO "Oh, hands!" *kicking weakly* Carson too, if they end up getting caught in the oh-so-public infirmary! *still laughing hysterically* WONderful job, m'dear! ----}-@ Krys
Planet Mud
Reviewer: Shaddow (Anonymous)
27 Mar 2006 6:06 am
[rereads story] [three times] and you ended it there . . . why again?
Planet Mud