Reviews For Fooling Around

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Reviewer: moms2398 (Anonymous)
27 Sep 2006 2:38 am
Very enjoyable! Thank you! MA
Reviewer: saffy_ol (Signed)
10 Apr 2006 4:51 pm
lol. that was goood!
Reviewer: Dr_Dredd (Signed)
08 Apr 2006 11:16 pm
I'm not sure I want to know about your childhood -- some of those pranks were ingenious! ;-) But who put the box in Liz's quarters?
Reviewer: Pennydreadful (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 1:25 am
Awesome use of pranks and great fic all around. Just one thing bothers me tho', Sheppard's prank on Rodney would have had him in the infirmary since he used citrus. There is no way he could have avoided injesting or wearing some which would mean a bad reaction.Other than that, I loved it. :D
Reviewer: Matt (Anonymous)
01 Apr 2006 3:13 pm
Awsome, best fanfic i have ever read! LMAO! GREAT!
Reviewer: Miso no Tsuki (Signed)
01 Apr 2006 7:58 am
Poisson d'Avril!!! nice idea, but in the UK at least, traditionally the pranks have to stop at midday. Obviously, the rules are different when you're 30 million LY away! *g*