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Reviewer: serenity (Signed)
02 Jan 2011 12:29 am
no idea whether to be horrified or amazed.
either way, awesomely written.

Author's Response: Horrified is probably the way to go. ;) But, yays, I'm glad you liked it all the same. :D
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Reviewer: Gaia (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2007 2:07 am
Liked this. Really really late rec over at my journal:

Author's Response: I remember that you had liked the self-feeding idea. Mucho thankses for the rec. :)
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Reviewer: anyanka (Anonymous)
07 May 2006 9:49 am
That's the strangest mix of cute and disturbing I've read in a long time. Loved it. Laughed out loud at the smacking the catfish line. Class.

Author's Response: Ah, disturbing. That seems to be one of my themes. ;) But it's nice to know that some people appreciate it, so muchas thankses.
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Reviewer: anon (Anonymous)
07 May 2006 6:52 am
Hee! What a fabulous, crazy idea. Great job. I loved the ending. Rodney is too cute. p.s. When I saw it on LJ, I didn't read it because I thought it was referring to Jack O'Neill. You might want to say 'wraith/hand' instead to get more readers.

Author's Response: Ah, thanks, I'm happy you liked it. :D Even with the whole Wraith thing. *snicker* As to the other, I see your point, though putting Wraith/hand would kill any tiny bit of surprise anyone might get, but I definitely did edit to say not a xover, and thanks. I knew people might think that's who it was (hence the '' I put around the name), but I wasn't thinking that some people don't read xovers, so, yeah, not my night for thinking. ;D
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