Reviews For The Hardest Thing

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Reviewer: wlib (Anonymous)
15 May 2006 4:03 pm
*smile* First of all, aaaww. I love these kinds of stories; peaceful, quiet, sort-of-sad but hopeful, and ultimately sweet because of the caring that shines through from the characters. I really loved Carson taking care of Rodney like that. One nitpicking thing, though, just as a FYI: I don't think Carson would call Rodney 'love' in this context (since you claim that this is gen or at most pre-slash). Even though, yes, he'd use such endearnments very casually, he would most likely not use it at other men unless he was actually in a relationship with them. Well, not unless he was taking the piss out of Rodney. :) I was confused there for a moment, wondering if this was slash or not. Not that I would have minded either way, it just threw me off a bit in regard to interpretation.
The Hardest Thing