Reviews For Lessons Learnt

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Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
16 Feb 2010 9:44 pm
Oh! Those evil, evil boys! I love it.
Reviewer: luvsciencegeeks (Signed)
13 Sep 2006 3:26 am
My goodness! I'm fanning myself here, that was so hot!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed! ;)
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
20 May 2006 11:49 pm
So very hot. I loved the slight edge too, it had me trying to figure out Carson's part in things, whether he was in on a plan, or as innocent as he seemed. John certainly seemed happy enough to order him around to help with Rodney :). Laura.

Author's Response: John likes orders I think. I can't imagine him enjoying *getting* them though... though perhaps that's something I'll have to explore another time ;) x
Reviewer: mangst (Anonymous)
20 May 2006 11:20 pm
wow and just, guh! And just what I needed to cheer me up after an awful day. I like the little conspiracy there at the end. And not the two you expected to be in co-hoots!

Author's Response: I'm glad I cheered you up :D I didn't expect Carson to be conspiring either, but there you go ;)
Reviewer: Jane (Anonymous)
20 May 2006 10:05 pm
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *incoherent wibble* OMG *brain flatlines*

Author's Response: *resusitates* There there, calm down dear. ;)