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Reviewer: scifi lemon (Anonymous)
03 Jun 2007 4:18 am
Interesting start. So has John been turned into a Wraith? What's going on here?!? Update soon please!
Reviewer: Ben (Anonymous)
24 Oct 2006 10:24 pm
I'm just guessing, and yeah, it was pretty funny, or something...but, was Sheppard turned into a Wraith?
Reviewer: Luvmckay (Anonymous)
26 May 2006 12:55 am
I was told once that I have a perverse sense of humour. Its nice to discover I am not alone..

Author's Response: Really, we perverse people need to form a support group.
Reviewer: ceitie (Anonymous)
25 May 2006 3:34 am
Ooooh, very nice. I love the way the realization sneaks up on you. And you couldn't really blame Michael, could you? I mean, fair's fair.

Author's Response: Well, yeah. It's not the tactically cleverest thing to do, but I bet it was pretty satisfying, right up till the minute it went wrong. Which also goes for the episode "Michael," no? Glad you liked it.
Reviewer: SylvanWitch (Signed)
24 May 2006 6:30 pm
Ah, payback *is* a bitch, ain't she. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You could choke on the irony, and I think it's simply marvelous. Bravo!

Author's Response: I'm a big fan of irony. Especially as a rebuke to thoughtless storytelling. I'm told that is kind of a depraved perspective, but I'm enjoying it. Thanks!
Reviewer: CatMoran (Signed)
24 May 2006 4:41 pm
Oh, this is *cool*. I especially love how you altered John's perception of his surroundings.

Author's Response: I'm a fan of psychological triage. Especially in somebody so practical. Glad you enjoyed it!
Reviewer: Stranger (Anonymous)
24 May 2006 5:22 am
OOhhm, yes, I got it, in the middle of Michael. It's hard and dark and funny as it is. I would have liked an ending that dealt with what John does when *he* gets it, but the ending there happens at an articulation point, and either Nothing Good Can Happen, or it would have to be a very long, very wishful story that might not work after all. I *really* liked Rodney seeing through to John's mindset and then taking the chance it gave him.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. I agree that, to actually tell the rest of the story would have to be an Angsty Epic, and I'm not up to that. Really, stiletto irony is just my speed. Thanks!
Reviewer: Pranksta (Anonymous)
24 May 2006 12:21 am
Oh les crap, that's freaky! Frea-ky! Post more, yes? Soon? I have to know how *that* happened! Oh God, I bet it's the...well, hum, not going to say, you know, in case it isn't...but that would make sense...not that anything beyond this first chapter is likely to make sense, but...there is more, right?! Freaky!

Author's Response: Sorry, no more. I wrote the story because the idea made me laugh. I have been told I have a creepy sense of humor. (I have no idea how it happened, or where the story could go afterwards. Really, I was just poking the ethics of the show with a really sharp stick. Also, it was just fun to write.) Thanks for reading!
Reviewer: Doctor Science (Anonymous)
23 May 2006 8:10 pm
omg, *lunchboxes*. I got it all right, pretty early on (in his convo with Michael), and now I love you with the burning fire of a thousand suns. And whaddaya bet canon goes here, though for only one ep, the *weanies*. I do the dance of joyful darkfic worship for you.

Author's Response: I appreciate the flamey dancing. I do think it would be hilarious if canon ended up here, but, yeah. I think there is a rule about not making the first guy in the credits sit through hours and hours of makeup for more than one episode. More's the pity. Glad you enjoyed it!