Reviews For No Words, No Sight

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Reviewer: moms2398 (Anonymous)
08 Oct 2006 8:45 pm
Nice...and suspenseful. I think I know who it is, but since you never tell, I have to wonder... Thanks! MA

Author's Response: The mystery is a big part of what makes this particular fic effective...glad you liked it. :-D
Reviewer: Silversand (Anonymous)
02 Sep 2006 9:50 pm
Love the story. Love that I'm left guessing who she was.

Author's Response: Thank You! I'm glad you liked the mystery, it's much more exciting that way!
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
25 May 2006 8:07 pm
So it was Elizabeth right? LOL I can't stand a mystery for too long! LOL While I was re-reading this I realized just how well you write. The words flow so nicely on the first read that I just envision the story, on the second read I saw how good you are!

Author's Response: Wow, that does head/ego will definitely explode from all your wonderful praises! I think I'll let you decide who you want it to be. I will say that I didn't have any particular person in mind when I wrote this, and since you've read all my fics, you know that I've never shipped Ronon with any of the canon characters. Thank you so much for *always* leaving inspiring feedback. :-)
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
25 May 2006 2:14 pm
OMG HOTT!!!!! A mysterious woman. Hot sexy BJs. And a whole new twist on anonymous sex!! Can't wait for the continuation!! You did it again girl!! great job!

Author's Response: Wonderful comments once again, thank you so much for stroking my ego! :-) It really was a 'hot sexy BJ' (snicker), I think all men would love to go for a late night stroll and be treated to a Sexy BJ to help them 'relax' ;-)