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Reviewer: Madison (Signed)
12 May 2007 5:51 am
Wow, for a first time foray into this fandom, you certainly came out of the gate running--no pun intended, but we'll take them as they come anyway. Glad to know there's more where this came from!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I love this fandom, and want to write much much more for it.
Better in the Long Run
Reviewer: Microt (Signed)
22 Jul 2006 10:34 pm
Gee! That's so awesome! And this was your first fic? Wow. I'm impressed. You wrote those guys so well. Just their POVs on the whole thing and Shepard's whole wanting to go and hug Rodney and ruffle Ford's hair...just so awesome. ^^

Author's Response: Thank you - first fic in this fandom, yes, but I've been around a while in other fandoms. So glad you enjoyed this.
Better in the Long Run
Reviewer: diannelamerc (Signed)
02 Jun 2006 8:15 am
Sheppard’s like a faithful puppy with sharp teeth and a big gun, the one you can send for help when you’ve fallen down a horribly deep well, and you know he’ll find a way to get you out even if it means leaping into the darkness after you because faithful puppies aren’t always the smartest creatures. One of the best images ever. ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks - I'm particularly fond of that image of John. So glad you liked it.
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Reviewer: Anita (Anonymous)
02 Jun 2006 3:46 am
Great Rodney POV, Lacey. They both need eachother so much and it is just a matter of time when there'll be a catalyst to start their touch reaction.

Author's Response: Thanks! They're inching closer to inevitability, but they're both unsure. Sooner or later, though ... *g* Glad you enjoyed Rodney's POV in particular.
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Reviewer: anon. (Anonymous)
02 Jun 2006 2:26 am
awww. problem is, u always believe that there'll be a tomorrow...until today is the last.

Author's Response: Absolutely. Carpe diem and all that. One of these days, though, maybe they'll realize that. Thanks for reading.
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