Reviews For Heal Thyself

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Reviewer: GBaby (Signed)
22 Mar 2007 12:18 pm
Despite liking it - I'm so pervert my olny grumpy thought was "why not a threesome! would work for sure" XD I'm a bit ...eeeh, me Yours GB
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
06 Jun 2006 8:51 pm
Nice work! As usual, you do so much with so little. I felt sorry for Carson because he has known Rodney longer and he would have been more than a blip on the radar if he'd asked first. :-)
Reviewer: Acajou (Anonymous)
06 Jun 2006 5:34 pm
Thank you, this is a powerful little story. Part of me wants to comfort Carson, and yet...not. Not sure how to explain that.