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Reviewer: JudyL (Signed)
11 Mar 2012 12:07 am
Wow, what a great way to reunite Harry with Sirius. I like your vision of Harry as John... Wonderful story.
Ancient Blood 2
Reviewer: JudyL (Signed)
10 Mar 2012 11:02 pm
This was wonderful, well done. I can easily see Harry as John. I really enjoyed this story.
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: kirt30 (Signed)
12 May 2007 8:07 pm
loved it
Ancient Blood 2
Reviewer: anonymous (Anonymous)
19 Dec 2006 8:59 am
Ahh, damn, that's really well written. I hope to see some sort of continuation of this story, the character interactions suck you in like nothing else.
Ancient Blood 2
Reviewer: Stargate_Junkie (Anonymous)
04 Nov 2006 11:01 pm
Wow! I usually avoid Harry Potter crossovers like the plauge, but this one is really good! I absolutely loved it, now I'm off to read the next part. :)
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: Nicci (Anonymous)
26 Sep 2006 6:15 pm
I love it!!!
Ancient Blood 2
Reviewer: angelwings (Anonymous)
04 Jul 2006 1:31 am
oh you really, really *need* to write more of this! i wanna know how harry/shep is going to fix his relationship with serious (i can't spell- i know) and how if the rest of the team discover his true past- very exciting me thinks! excelent chapter had me enthralled! well done matey!
Ancient Blood 2
Reviewer: angelwings (Anonymous)
30 Jun 2006 11:33 pm
"oh god, oh god were all going to die?" you totally cracked me up! I LOVE SERENITY! and oh yeah please hurry and put up the next part- i really love the angst and the harry/john thing- wickidly cool!
Ancient Blood (1/2)
Reviewer: Califmole (Anonymous)
30 Jun 2006 1:10 am
Argh, can't believe you broke the story here! John as Harry is such a tricky thing to pull off, but you did a great job of convincing us that it's possible. I love his refusal to lose one more person, and Teyla's insight that he can do impossible things because he is always expecting to die. Looking forward to the next installment.
Ancient Blood (1/2)
Reviewer: pgnpxi (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 8:00 pm
Yay! I love this story! Please continue fast! The interplay between the tea is just fabulouse.
Ancient Blood (1/2)
Reviewer: XanDutch (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 6:40 pm
I nearly swallowed a grape whole when you started quoting Wash, I had to laugh so hard! Looking forward to the second half. (And I will make sure not to be eating grapes when I read it...)
Ancient Blood (1/2)
Reviewer: Scruffy (Signed)
17 Jun 2006 5:51 pm
I am so impressed with this story. You fit Harry into Atlantis perfectly. It was really sad, but funny and sweet too, which is a nice mix. Well done!
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: sundara (Anonymous)
17 Jun 2006 6:04 am
Excellent xover! You tied in Harry's life to John's by pointing out amazing similiarities. Really enjoyed it, thanks.
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
17 Jun 2006 3:44 am
Great story. Usually these crossovers seem to be kind of fantasy-ish, but this felt like it could be real. thanks.
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: DragonLady (Signed)
17 Jun 2006 3:00 am
Wow...this was an incredible crossover. I have a hard time with HP fanfic, and while the HP/SGA crossovers are a guilty pleasure, I have yet to find one that has felt as right as this one does. All of the pieces fit nice and snugly like a puzzle. Brilliant!
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: HermioneORourke (Signed)
16 Jun 2006 10:05 pm
I'm not a big fan of HP/SGA crossovers where John is Harry or any of the other characters are HP characters in disguise, but I really loved this. It made sense and was very well developed. Now if only I could get my hand on some of that happy plant...*smirks*
Songs Across the Ocean
Reviewer: helva2260 (Anonymous)
16 Jun 2006 10:01 pm
Wow. I think this is the HP crossover I always knew there should be the potential for! I've been a fan since I found your AB/HP and AB/SG1 crossovers, and promptly read everything else I could find (in fact, I pretty much got into the Anita Blake fandom because of those stories!), and I'm glad to find you writing in SGA now! You have such a talent for characterisation and finding the perfect authorial voice in all the universes you write. This is the canon John, with all his darkness and contrasting light-heartedness intact, and the Pyrrhic victory of the Harry Potter background not only fits him like a glove, but explains so many of Sheppard's quirks. And as if that weren't enough, you also give us a welcoming, (semi?-)sentient Atlantis, singing him to sleep. I loved it all: you had me chuckling out loud at Rodney's alien plant experiences, and nearly weeping when John recieved Dudley's obituary - I think it was all the more effective somehow because it was Dudley... ...I wish we could have more of this John's adventures...
Songs Across the Ocean