Reviews For Night Five

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Reviewer: Bridget (Anonymous)
02 Sep 2006 1:16 am
I really liked this story. It showed both the adorability that is Laura and Carson, as well as the serious side of their relationship.
Night Five
Reviewer: JJ McKay (Signed)
18 Jul 2006 2:13 am
That was absolutely beautiful. I've never scene a story that reflected my views of Carsy perfectly and added so much more. Thank You for this wonderful piece. It was absolutly amazing!!!
Night Five
Reviewer: victoriaely (Signed)
21 Jun 2006 6:22 am
Loved the way you showed Laura in this fic, caring and gentle :)
Night Five
Reviewer: Em (Anonymous)
20 Jun 2006 3:03 am
Wonderful story! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.
Night Five
Reviewer: lilu13 (Signed)
19 Jun 2006 8:39 pm
I can't believe no one has reviewed on this yet. I really, really enjoyed it - enough for it to be the first to be added to my favourites. Not usually such a massive fan of Carson either (which is ironic considering my only story involves him :S) But i really loved the dynamic between the two and the sense of perspective - tres tres good. A big honking well done to you :D
Night Five