Reviews For Galileo

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Reviewer: Denise (Anonymous)
03 Sep 2006 10:10 pm
This was just lovely. Great story.
Reviewer: Ishtra Nalamanti (Signed)
26 Jul 2006 1:55 am
And she still makes him go through with his "origional plan" anyway. Cool.
Reviewer: PoS (Anonymous)
18 Jul 2006 9:00 pm
Wow. That was AMAZING! I'm a HUGE Cadman/Beckett (Beckman?) supporter, and that was such a sweet story. I love the theme of "One must pass through all the elements to reach ether/light" Great job.
Reviewer: TJinLOCA (Anonymous)
01 Jul 2006 5:42 am
This was wonderful! So sweet and romantic. There's not nearly enough good Beckett fiction out there. Thanks so much!
Reviewer: Ann (Anonymous)
21 Jun 2006 12:05 am
Just the right amount of descriptive detail, not too little...and not too much. A delightful progression through the elements and a lovely story overall.