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Reviewer: Darklady (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 5:50 am
Impressive. Professional looking. Thank you.

Author's Response: Professioanl looking? Really?! My God, thank you!
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Reviewer: Sandy (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 5:32 am
I am awestruck! This is wonderful! Thank you so much!

Author's Response: thanks! Thanks so much! ... er... and you're welcome? ^_^
Page Nine
Reviewer: JoAnn (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 4:54 am
Oh, very nice! I'm amused by how Rodney's body language is so perfectly captured, and, well, when he goes into rant-mode, the font has to be smaller to fit it all in. Wonderful - I hope there's more!

Author's Response: That page was hard, and I secretly hated Leah (nah, figuratively speaking) for making it such a long rant, but I loved that in the story, when I read it myslef. But there was no way I could fit all this into the text bubbles without them taking up too much of the pictures and I really at some point thought about making that two pages, but that didn't work either.... took me three days to figure that one out... Thanks a lot for the body language comment. I'm never sure I really do capture them, because it's really hard to press something that is expressed through movement into a static 2D genre. Thanks!
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Reviewer: Rachael Sabotini (Signed)
29 Jun 2006 4:49 am
Thie is gorgeous. You've got a wonderful grasp of how to break the story up visually. It's great

Author's Response: Thanks espcecially for that comment about the layout. Really, it means a lot to me, since I'm self taught and usually have nothing to go from and that makes me quite selfconscious... naturally, I think... Thank you!
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Reviewer: mangst (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 4:30 am
oh, that is so cool. I love this series anyway, but to have illustrations (great ones at that to go with it, just! I especially like John's hand reaching out, but stopping just short of touching Rodney. Very, very nice!

Author's Response: Thanks! It took me some time to figure that page out, but I really liek hands and the gestures they can perform and what you can communicate with your hands alone. Thanks for seeing that and reviewing!
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Reviewer: cleito (Signed)
29 Jun 2006 3:47 am
Wow! Just, wow! I love this fandom so much. Comics, real-looking character comics, are amazing, and this is great. I really hope you continue. Please?

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Yes, I'm determined to go on and finish this, just hit a creative brickwall full speed head on... so nursing a figurative head ache at the present time....But I'll try!
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Reviewer: emma (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 3:45 am
Great job! i realy like your illistrations. keep going please.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll try... I really do. ^_^
Reviewer: bluebrocade (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 3:26 am

Author's Response: Thnx! ^_^
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Reviewer: Doctor Science (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 2:59 am
This is great! Stylistically better than the pro SGA comic, actually -- more interesting. There's more, right??!?

Author's Response: Oh, er, I might sound like someone living under a rock, but there are pro SGA comics? ... I really should get out more.... ... You know, you really made my day with this review! I'm so proud of myself right now, I might even come across as outright full of myself... and that's saying something. Really, you made me feel great about this! Thank you!
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Reviewer: Azrael (Signed)
29 Jun 2006 2:39 am
That was amazing! As someone who can't draw a straight line with a ruler, I'm deeply impressed and, yeah, maybe a little jealous. *grin* More yes? *hugs comic John and Rodney*

Author's Response: *chuckles* I especially liked your ruler comment! Thanks so much, it made me smile! I try to draw more soon!
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Reviewer: Regina Bellatrix (Signed)
29 Jun 2006 2:26 am
This is very cool. I look forward to seeing the rest of it!

Author's Response: Ahem... yeah, mee too unfortunately..... I hope I can pull myself together soon. Really soon.... Thanks for the review!
Page Nine
Reviewer: Giddy (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2006 2:10 am
that was beyond awesome, i've never seen a fan comic done for a live action show. The art work is really good, please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, really! I hope I can update soon, I really hope so.... sorry for the wait...
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