Reviews For Pyrotechnics

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Reviewer: Dwparsnip (Signed)
15 Dec 2009 10:52 pm
That was awesome. One of my favorite Teyla and Rodney moments.
Reviewer: ShineThatLightDown (Anonymous)
03 Aug 2006 12:46 pm
Very, very cute. They just work so damn well together, huh? Nice job.

Author's Response: They do. & :-) And thank you!
Reviewer: TLI (Anonymous)
03 Jul 2006 10:50 am
Ohh, lovely!! This is one of the few ship pairings I like in this fandom, and you got everything just right. Yay for Rodney and his fireworks :)

Author's Response: Everything just right? Wow, can't get better than that, eh? Thank you so much!
Reviewer: Ivy (Anonymous)
03 Jul 2006 4:09 am
Awww. That's just so cute. Go Teyla and Rodney! This is a nice little piece. Thanks

Author's Response: *beam* Thank you!