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Reviewer: SG (Anonymous)
03 Aug 2006 1:37 pm This is with out a doubt the BEST AU EVER WRITTEN. It is also the SADDEST story I've ever read. You captured the emotions of grief and desperation perfectly. You also got the humor of the characters down pat. It was just great. The only thing that could've been better was the way it was organized. It was hard sometimes to figure out which 'time zone' the story was taking place in. Awesome, AWESOME story.

Author's Response: The one big worry that Springwoof and I had was about the timeline, but we really could't see any other way to write the story that would work as well. Sorry it caused you difficulty, though... But thank you so incredibly much for that wonderful review! The idea that this is the best AU you've read is absolutely amazing and fantastically gratifying. You've made my day! Thank you. Leah
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Reviewer: Alice in Stonyland (Anonymous)
28 Jul 2006 10:46 pm
Wow. This is very believable, and haunting, and just incredibly well-written. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that lovely feedback! Leah
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Reviewer: luatiki (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 7:50 pm
this is an amazing story

Author's Response: Thank you! Leah
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Reviewer: valsquared (Anonymous)
22 Jul 2006 1:22 am
Forgive me for any lack of coherence, but this is one of a very few stories that have touched me so deeply. It has absolutely wrecked me; I do not generally cry at even sad stories, but this one made me bawl. At length. Even now, after I have finished the story and have made some attempt to collect myself. And to be honest, I found Left to Fend to be intriguing but I could not see what would have to happen to the original SGA crew for such a dramatic sociological change to occur. This has more than fleshed out the differences between SGA canon and the alternate future you projected. I do not often say this, and I mean no offense to any of the other fine authors whose works I enjoy, but you have made the characters come alive in a way that many attempt, some make an approximation of, but few succeed. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Your feedback has awed me. I'm thrilled that this story fleshed out "Left to Fend" so well, since it was all the questions that story raised that made me approach Springwoof about writing "The Body Holographic" in the first place. And your compliment..! Wow. Thank you! You have honoured us. Leah
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Reviewer: Yuli (Anonymous)
17 Jul 2006 6:23 pm
I would just like to say this is one of the best pieces of fanfiction I have ever read! It was so full of emotion and passion; I cried so hard I could barely see the screen! I love how it felt so natural and accurate, and encompasses so many different levels. Many thanks for putting this here for others to read; you've made my week a little brighter, at least!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that wonderful, wonderful feedback. It was truly kind of you to let us know how much the story resonated with you, and the fact that you consider it one of the best you read is incredibly gratifying. Thank you. Leah
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Reviewer: Claudia (Anonymous)
17 Jul 2006 2:13 pm
I don't think I could say anything that has not been said already, but I needed to let you know how much I enjoyed this story. The cultures, events, characters and general plot were totally credible, and the fact that what happened wasn’t narrated in chonological order just made it more intense and dramatic. The whole relationship between Rodney and John through the years made my heart ache, and I loved that scene with Rodney having a picnic and talking to “John.” Creepy ending, but I love it, feels right. Incredible story, so well done that I know I could read it over and over and always enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you! Springwoof and I were most worried about the jumps in the timeline, so every time someone tells us it worked, it's truly wonderful. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell us how much you enjoyed the story. That really means a lot. Leah
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Reviewer: s derieux (Anonymous)
14 Jul 2006 4:48 pm
Brilliant One of the best J/R I have read.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Leah
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Reviewer: firesprite (Anonymous)
13 Jul 2006 5:22 am
Oh, wow. This is a love story and a horror story in one. I'm pretty much incoherant. Rodney's message to John...good GOD. Anyway, thank you for this story. I probably won't be able to reread it soon, but I'll be thinking about it for a long time.

Author's Response: This is a love story and a horror story in one. I think you said it all.... Thanks for letting us know the story got under your skin. wags, springwoof
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Reviewer: Rhiannon (Signed)
12 Jul 2006 10:19 am
I read this all in one shot, and it was worth every minute. Beautiful and painful at the same time. I think the most heart-wrenching part is when Rodney had his stroke and refused to be "uploaded". I could imagine John being a shell of his former self for centuries, too dutiful to Atlantis and the descendants of his friends to erase himself, too broken to ever allow himself to become emotionally attached to anyone ever again. In essence, the problem with being immortal - watching everyone you ever knew die, thier grandchildren die, and so on. When I read that Rodney had discovered that John was indeed a perfect copy, I knew then that Rodney would never be able to exist knowing he was a copy of himself; he's too anylitical for that. John had decades to come to the conclusion of "cogito ergo sum". It's hauntingly beautiful that Rodney left the dormant copy of himself so they would always be together, in some form. The Carriers remind me of the Tok'ra, the blending of souls and memories, two conciousness in one body, regardless of gender.

Author's Response: thanks for the thoughtful comment, Rhiannon. This story seems to have inspired both strong emotional and interestingly speculative responses. Just what we wanted! thanks for reading. wags, springwoof
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Reviewer: Kylie Lee (Signed)
11 Jul 2006 3:12 am
Oh, this is just wonderful, so rich and detailed. The nonchronological order really works here, because it builds suspense (what happened? when?). The contrast between Sheppard and Sora is devastating. And the ending...the ending is simple perfection, affecting and loving and everything good. Thank you.

Author's Response: No, thank you, Kylie! You have made me very, very happy, knowing that you got everything we were going for--that's wonderful. :D
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Reviewer: Khyrra (Signed)
10 Jul 2006 10:03 pm
Wow. That was amazing. You broke my heart. I don't know if I cried because I felt so bad for John finding out he wasn't "real", or because he was so lost and broken without Rodney, or because Rodney left him such an amazing gift. Rodney visiting John's grave was really touching as well. Honestly, there is nothing about this story that didn't move me in some way. I'm just in awe of you, really. And that ending? Wow. Creepy. But actually oddly moving as well. You guys are geniuses. Really. You should get the shirt.

Author's Response: Thank you! That is wonderful praise, and very much appreciated. Geniuses? I am incredibly flattered! I'm just thrilled you were so moved by it. Writers live for that. :D Leah
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Reviewer: mandy (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2006 8:12 pm
Like some of your other reviewers, I stayed up all night(!) reading this story straight through. It is a very interesting society you've created, and it answers all of the questions I had about "Left to Fend." Although I was sad for McKay, my heart really ached for Sheppard. Whether or not he was actually 'real,' he thought he was, and McKay's continued snubs and sarcastic barbs must have been extremely painful for Sheppard (for 40 years!). It's a wonder he didn't go insane. I loved the part where Rodney left a copy of himself in the computer for Defender John. You ended on a totally Stargate kind of thing--2 minds in one body. At first I thought of the Goa'uld, but it seems more Tok'ra. Do Rodney and John exist only in the carriers now, or do they still inhabit all of Atlantis as well. Well done. (I haven't cried so much while reading a story in a long time.)

Author's Response: Thank you for that great review, Mandy. :) Believe me--I wasn't sure who I felt worse for, Rodney (who has to deal with a ghost of a man he knows is dead for 40 years) or John (who is rejected by the man he still loves for that long). And yes, Rodney and John still exist in Atlantis as well--it's just that the 'Carriers' are more important, since they offer bodies of a sort, and freedom.
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Reviewer: Felicia. (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2006 7:44 pm
I've been sitting infront om my computerscreen for the last 4.5 hours straight, and just now finished reading. It's a great tale you wrote, full of feeling and details - you made me feel like I was there some times. Feel free to write more epics, because that's what this story is. :)

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you so much! Springwoof and I have already been tossing ideas around--hopefully we'll be able to get to them... but I've got RL writing to deal with first. :) Leah
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Reviewer: busarewski (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2006 2:32 pm
God, I've been crying on and off for the last two hours now. This was emotional stuff. Very good and very sad and such a nice take on the AI question. The pain of not being belived. Beautiful story, but now I need some happy!crack

Author's Response: I'm sorry to make you so sad, but thrilled that the story created such a response in you. Thank you so much for taking the time to say so! Leah
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Reviewer: Alanna Smithee (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2006 11:26 am
This story was so sad. But in a good way. I read it all night long, fell into bed at 6 am. The scene that actually made me cry was the one in the hallway, when Rodney was waiting for his son to fall asleep. The one that impressed me most, that I'm still thinking about today, is the one where John is hurt in the chair and uploads(?) / copies(?) himself into Atlantis. I'm still wondering about the ending (and the thing with the carriers had a nicely creepy touch). Are the original John and Rodney out there somewhere? Are there two versions of them now? Do the copies have a soul? Are the copies the only thing that's left? What if John is the original, but Rodney a copy? Questions of life and death. Really, really impressive writing. Thank you so much for all that work! You totally made my day (probably even the week).

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Alanna! I'm amazed and most gratified that it kept you up all night! That's a wonderful thing to hear. As for your fascinating question... I think that the original John and Rodney--their souls, if you will--left their bodies when they died, and are now wherever souls go. Their copies (and both the John and Rodney at the end of the story are copies), are copies of their minds. Do the copies have souls? Good question! On the one hand, you could say the copies *are* souls, in a way, because they have no physicality to them, but I'm afraid that I really don't know enough about computers or programs to say more than that. If a computer program is erased, is there energy left over? That would be the soul, I think. But they're basically immortal, so in a way it's all the same. Thank you so much for your wonderful words. Leah
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Reviewer: Betsanne (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2006 11:56 pm
That was was just heartrenching in some places, happy in others. I absolutely loved this story. It was great.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it. thank you for letting us know! wags, springwoof
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Reviewer: Ariana (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2006 9:33 pm
I have to thank you for such a beautiful story. I have never cried so much as i did reading this. Not just the ending (which was amazing) but through pretty much all of it! not kidding - and i'm blaming you for my emotional breakdown! i really liked how you weaved the story through past and present and the developmemt of the culture was interesting. But oh god, the relationship and heartbreak between John and Rodney was devastating.I have never felt such an ache in myself before when reading a story. This drained me. You are both so very talented - all that i can say now is thank you for such a beautiful story.

Author's Response: Thank you for such a wonderful review. :) I'm sorry to have made you cry so much! But it is incredibly gratifying, knowing the story resonated so much with you. Thank you again. Leah
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Reviewer: lavvyan (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2006 11:07 am
Oh, wow! This story is awesome! Painful (in the good way), and intriguing, and the plot is just whoa! I'm sorry I'm not leaving a comment like this would deserve, but I'm not exactly coherent here right now (the ending - oh, the ending! *sniffles*).

Author's Response: Hey, coming from you, incoherency means a lot! ::g:: I'm so glad it resonated with you. Thank you. Leah
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Reviewer: The Body Holographic (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2006 5:51 am
Very, very good! Tears welled up a few times but I really cried at the end. Loved it all!

Author's Response: Thank you! Leah
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Reviewer: Anya (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2006 2:04 am
Oh wow. This story was so wonderfully rich and compelling I don't know really where to start. You made so much come alive--John as defender, Rodney's rage and grief, the cultural blending that transformed Atlantis. Wonderfully done. Thanks for writing and sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review. We had fun with the different Pegasus Galaxy civilizations and postulating a future for Atlantis. Glad you enjoyed the story. wags, springwoof
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