Reviews For Desperation

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Reviewer: Claudia (Anonymous)
18 Jul 2006 5:28 pm
I've read this story a couple of times and still I don't know what to say about it. What would Radek do in this situation? I prefer to think that something noble, but anything is possible. Have you consider a follow up? How Radek ended up there? Who else is hiding? Who's screaming? Radek? Other humans? The Wraith?

Author's Response: I never thought of doing a sequel to this; it was just a little drabble that randomly popped into my head. The story I thought of while writing was that Radek and a few other Atlantians, Mckay and Sheppard among others, snuck onto a wraith hive for some reason and Radek got captured. To save his life, he gave up the position of his friends, and they're the ones who are screaming because the wraith have found them. Also, just for note, I love Radek, and believe that in this situation he most probably would do something noble. However, as I said in the summary, desperation can make a man do shameful things, and I wanted to get across how complete terror can make you do sommething you wouldn't normaly think of doing.