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Reviewer: sgakaz (Anonymous)
14 Mar 2008 1:59 am
Beautiful Wow! I loved that movie and it so worked for McShep. I liked that you made John the Prof. and not Rodney.

Author's Response: Thanks! John as the professor made me very happy, and I'm glad you liked it.
Reviewer: NenyaVilyaNenya (Signed)
17 Jul 2006 5:03 am
I adore the movie and I loved seeing the SGA crew as the professors and the mobsters, but still them. Very good (Ronon was just great, the cook. lol. He does like his food :P ) and the little moments were great. loved how you wrote the scene with them taking out Kav and Kolya, I was wondering how it would change to fit this story, as their work did, and it was great.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've loved the movie since I saw it as a kid, and really enjoyed adapting the characters from SGA to fit in it.
Reviewer: anonymouse (Anonymous)
16 Jul 2006 10:59 am
Wow, what a ride! A very clever story. I love how everyone still was the same person in this AU. I know when a story works when I can picture the actors actually "saying their lines". Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's a fusion of the original movie and SGA so I had to fuss a bit to get things to match up. I'm really glad it worked for you.
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
16 Jul 2006 1:29 am
Cool story. Very interesting to see Rodney as the ne'er do well. Thanks.

Author's Response: It was fun to do something a little different. Thanks!
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
15 Jul 2006 11:24 pm
I was lucky to stumble on this gem on your own site. I even remembered the moive as I read it and I found it a fun read. I love AU-verses and I think seeing John and Rodney in a different light was hillarious. Thanks for posting here, it was great to read it again.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. I love the movie it's based on, but I hadn't seen it in a long time when I chose it as a prompt, so I had to hunt around and find a copy. But I just couldn't resist writing everyone together this one time. *g* Thanks!
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
15 Jul 2006 11:24 pm
Oh, I loved this. The professor versions of familiar faces were very endearing and I liked the differences in Rodney too. Then there were the familiar faces turning up to help out John with his slang :). The Cowen theme added some nice tension and angst as Rodney tried to find a way out of it without anyone getting hurt. It was sad to see how hard John was hit, especially after he'd spent all that time blissfully unaware, making plans, while Rodney used him. I couldn't be as angry with Rodney as the situation probably deserved though, as it spiralled out of his control so quickly and he realised the truth about Cowen, as well as his feelings for John. The geek-offensive was great, tense and fun as the 'harmless' and dorky professors took out two armed men and then rescued Rodney and took out several more bad guys *g*. Loved John being all fierce too. And we end on that great (and hot) kiss :). Laura.

Author's Response: There's a lot of the movie in the structure of the story and there are pieces of characterization taken from it -- dialog too -- but I had an absolute blast mapping out which characters would play what roles, and how to combine things, and, well, everything. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you.