Reviews For Walking Wounded

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Reviewer: mkrulez (Signed)
22 Jul 2007 8:34 pm
"Ran with two wheels and a throbbing engine tucked between his legs" XD "And the bleeding, soundlessly pleading effigy of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was a demon that Rodney McKay still couldn't turn around and face"

Is this like hinting at slash? 'Cause you coulda taken it iadifferent direction--I liked thinking that it was Ronon, but then again when you were talking about hiding in crowds I thought, No, Ronon's not stupid, he wouldn't be able to hide in crowds. Anyway, was pretty good... :)

Author's Response: Hinting at the possiblity of slash, pre-slash, post-slash, deep friendship, platonic love, brotherly love (without the incest notions)... You name it, it's hinting at it. The relationship can be taken any way you want it to be taken. It's guilt and feeling responsible, and the burden of knowing that he survived and they didn't. Guess I didn't get that point across, eh?rnrnBut I'm glad you found it interesting enough to leave a review for. Thanks!