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Reviewer: Linda (Anonymous)
26 Jul 2006 4:20 pm
Wow, combining two of my favorite worlds, SGA and Discworld. Rodney really fit in as a witch, and John is a good assassin. you had the Prachett sense of humor down perftctly. I would love to see more of this crossover.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed this. :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: anyanka (Signed)
26 Jul 2006 11:22 am
You've clearly been possessed by Terry Pratchet.! Greebo, Death, Sheppard and McKay together. What more could a girl ask for? Except perhaps a threesome when Greebo is in his human form. Oh and maybe Nanny Ogg teaching John 'The wizard's staff has a knob on the end' :-)

Author's Response: *rofl* But I don't know the lines to that song! ;p
High Stakes
Reviewer: Megan (Anonymous)
26 Jul 2006 5:20 am
Yay, great cross-over! You got Terry Pratchett's voice down really well. I love the discworld books, and this read just like one. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: Ellex (Signed)
26 Jul 2006 1:10 am
That was quite amazingly apropos. Not only a marvelous imitation of Pratchett's witty sensibility, but still true to Sheppard and McKay' characters. I love the idea of Sheppard as an assassin and McKay as a male witch. I bow to your brilliance.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! *blushes furiously* That means a lot, coming from you. :D
High Stakes
Reviewer: Coyote Blue (Anonymous)
26 Jul 2006 12:55 am
Excellent! Very Discworldy! And John's 'heritage' would certainly explain his hair....

Author's Response: *laughs* Certainly.
High Stakes
Reviewer: Mystic (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 8:48 pm
I have to confess I'm probably one of the few who know nothing about the other universe or it's books, but I very much enjoyed what I read. It was funny and captivating. I would love to read more of this crossover if you should feel motivated to do so again as this was really good and funny as heck! Great job and well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: Ariana (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 7:53 pm
OMG!!This is brilliant!.You managed to combine two of my favourite things ever and make it work - you have become my absolute favourite author now! I absolutly adore the Discworld series.This has got to be the greatest story i have ever read - i cannot praise you enough. You captured discworld perfectly and you even included Death and Nanny Ogg who are my favourite characters. The layout with notes at the bottom are also fantastic and true to the books. You are simply genius and i love this. Again utter genius.

Author's Response: Why, thank you! No stalking me, though. ;p
High Stakes
Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 6:52 pm
I have actually never read the Discworld series (despite my friend's many attempts to get me to do so), but if the books are anywhere near this good then I'm just gonna have to give in and give 'em a go. Great work, this was so much fun to read.

Author's Response: The books are way, way better! This is a poor attempt at imitation. :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 6:36 pm
I was so happy to read THE SENTENCES LIKE THIS because that can mean only one person, and it is the only time I welcome him. LOL!! Good, rolicking fun! Waiting for another one!

Author's Response: Thank you!
High Stakes
Reviewer: DragonLady (Signed)
25 Jul 2006 5:59 pm
Oh wow, Pratchett is one of my favorites and you totally rocked this! Death is one of my favorite Discworld characters (right up there with the librarian) and you had him down pat! This was awesome, and highly impressive with the accuracy of both the Pratchett and the Atlantis character voices! It would be great to see more! =)

Author's Response: I really don't plan on writing a sequel, prequel, whatever. But thank you for taking the time to comment! :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 5:25 pm
That was great! LOL :D I'm not familiar with the universe but I still loved it and I'm not all that keen on AU's so cudos! Awesome job!

Author's Response: All the more reason for me to say thanks for reading this! :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: Darklady (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 5:02 pm
Excellent voice! So few can do Prachett - and you manage flawlessly. LOVE Sheppard as an assassin and Rodny as a 'witch' - so seriously in character. WOuld adore more -but this is a perfect gen as is. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad I got the tone right. :)
High Stakes
Reviewer: Sue (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 4:16 pm
Wow – the best of both worlds, I love Terry Pratchett. You did a great job, trust Rodney to be a witch, I can just imagine him and Granny Weatherwax together. And John would make a great assassin. Hope you write another one – something to do with the watch would be great. Thanks

Author's Response: I don't think there'll be more - this was more or less my one moment of insanity. Yet again. *coughs*
High Stakes
Reviewer: Drakcir (Signed)
25 Jul 2006 3:04 pm
Oh this was brilliant!!! Atlantis, McShep, Discworld, and specifically the witches!! You even gave Greebo a mention!!!! I loved this, you just fitted it all in prefectly. John as a rogue Assasin, Rodney as a Witch!!!!!! Fantastic!!!! You could be Pratchett himself!!

Author's Response: *rofl* I assure you, I'm not. ;)
High Stakes
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 12:23 pm
Excellent. You caught the Discworld ambience very well.

Author's Response: Thank you!
High Stakes
Reviewer: MoonCatBlue (Anonymous)
25 Jul 2006 10:27 am
I have been a fan of the Masther's Discworld series since they first appeared in print and you have captured his tones exactly... and managed to fit Rodney & John into his universe seamlessly. Very impressive. Great voices. More? Please?

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I don't think there will be more, though.
High Stakes
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
25 Jul 2006 9:47 am
Okay, completely mad, but very funny :). I've never read the Discworld books, but this was accessible nonetheless. I loved how you adapted our characters to fit the plot. Great fun. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad this worked for you even without the context.
High Stakes