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Reviewer: a.wilco (Anonymous)
14 May 2007 6:49 am
Interesting premise, good writing.
Survival Is The First Imperative
Reviewer: Tiffanie K (Anonymous)
07 Aug 2006 11:01 pm
Great story. You really put a lot of thought into this alternate future you created. And having the characters tell the story, through Elizabeth's perspective is perfect. I was pulled right in and I'm just loving this story. Can't wait for you to finish. But there better be more going on between John and Elizabeth than you're letting on or I'm going to be very dissappointed.
Survival Is The First Imperative
Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
04 Aug 2006 2:25 am
This was really intriguing. The characterizations were well done, and the plot kept pushing forward. Looking forward to more.
Survival Is The First Imperative
Reviewer: Jay (Anonymous)
04 Aug 2006 2:20 am
Wow. This story is all that and a bag of chips. Will be sticking around for the rest.
Survival Is The First Imperative
Reviewer: logovo (Anonymous)
02 Aug 2006 4:42 am
This is really very good, especially handling such a theme that in other hands could go so wrong. I liked how you wrote all the characters, and I'm very curious to find what happened to John and Rodney during these years. I hope you have an LJ.
Survival Is The First Imperative
Reviewer: irony_rocks (Anonymous)
02 Aug 2006 2:48 am
Holy freakin' crap. I love this. The tone of voice, the characterization, the plot, the way you've shifted people around and how they're still the same. Wow. Fantastic work, really. I can't wait to see where this goes. I'm almost sad to hear that it's gen though. The way it's written, I was almost expecting a Shep/Weir angle. (Yes, I'm hopeless.) In any case, I'm looking forward to more interaction between him and Elizabeth, even gen-type. Have I mentioned this is really well written? 'Cause it is! Four stars out of four stars.

Author's Response: I think it may have started out with me thinking it would be a W/S story, but it evolved as I was writing it to be more about Elizabeth rather than pairing her with someone. Also Ronon insisted on being all protective and sweet. *g* Thanks!
Survival Is The First Imperative
Reviewer: Larian (Anonymous)
02 Aug 2006 2:47 am
Wow. Totally believable AU. Can't wait to find out what happens next. (and as an aside...Teyla and Lorne! Yay!)
Survival Is The First Imperative