Reviews For While I Wait

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Reviewer: zaftig (Signed)
16 Aug 2006 2:18 am
I wasn't sure about the pairing, but I liked your story very much. Sad, sad, though!

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate that you took the time to read it, even if it as unusual pairing with a sad ending.
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Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Anonymous)
15 Aug 2006 6:15 pm
That was really good. I hesitated reading this because I wasn't sure about the plausability of the pairing and the time frame. But you made it work. Excellent job, well done.

Author's Response: Thanks. I was afraid people wouldn't want to read it for the same reasons. But I am proud of the fic. Thanks so much for reading it :)
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Reviewer: Sarah (Anonymous)
15 Aug 2006 3:17 pm
Amazing. Simply amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you. I really enjoyed writing it.
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