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Reviewer: Aylith-Anise (Anonymous)
19 Aug 2006 12:58 am
Wow! Great work. Wrapping a whole session in drabbles, that are this to-the-point. All the little truthes... well, wow again! For me, the best sentences were: From "Underground" - He thinks he has stolen hope, possibilities. I'm speechless. And from Letters From Pegasus, hm, the complete thingy, I'd say. ;) Well done! I'm looking forward to your S2-"review".
From Rising to Siege II
Reviewer: tracy-thenaggingone (Anonymous)
18 Aug 2006 1:23 pm
wow... your restraint is unbelievable but we have been given the great gift of your writing... wow I am so glad you bought the DVDs and are writing with your love of the show and the characters. FABULOUS!!!!
From Rising to Siege II