Reviews For Crossing The Line

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Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
07 Feb 2007 4:40 am
Huh. Another planet. Uncontrolled. What a nasty coincidence. Thanks for the update :)
Chapter Nine
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
06 Feb 2007 4:41 am
Okaaaayyy. I'm confused, now :) At least that explains why Marcus was breaking down in public! I look forward to more, thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! The next chapter should be up tomorrow :).
Chapter 9
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
11 Jan 2007 5:22 am
Here I had been assuming she had been tortured by the Go'auld, and it was potential human allies instead. Marcus needs to learn to be more subtle ;)
Chapter Eight
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
20 Dec 2006 5:34 pm
Thanks for the update! I liked Carson's rules of dating. Well, there's an out for them, if she joined the sciences.
Chapter Seven
Reviewer: Lady Taevyn (Anonymous)
20 Dec 2006 12:52 pm
I am Loving this story. The fact that it is from the POV of a character we don't see much in the show is an added bonus. Very well written.
Chapter One
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
15 Dec 2006 7:46 am
I really enjoyed the fic. Thank you for sharing.
Chapter Six
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
15 Dec 2006 6:47 am
I'm emjoying it so far. I like Anna's character. I'm dying to know how she got promoted though :)
Chapter One
Reviewer: mentalmichael (Anonymous)
15 Dec 2006 12:24 am
Really, really great story. I've read all 6 chapters so far, and I've loved every minute of it. It's rare to find an OFC who's this well developed, and quite frankly any Lorne fic is always good as well! Can't wait for the next chapter
Chapter Six
Reviewer: luvsciencegeeks (Signed)
09 Nov 2006 5:41 pm
Looking forward to the next installment!
Chapter Four
Reviewer: iloverodneymckay (Signed)
19 Oct 2006 4:44 am
Ooooh! Me likey so far! Update faster!
Chapter Three
Reviewer: k (Anonymous)
01 Oct 2006 12:34 am
I like this story. Great name choice for your OC!
Chapter Two
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
19 Sep 2006 11:09 pm
YAY!! A Major Lorne fic!! What are the secrets that Anna is hiding? Update soon please.
Chapter One