Reviews For Rockin' Rodney

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Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
14 Mar 2010 8:25 pm
Great work, the songs were amazing. Rockin' Rodney had me in stitches. Thank you!
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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
15 Dec 2005 2:21 am
*snicker* Nice read. Heh. Never thought Rodney'd play the guitar... piano, yes... but now that I think about it, those long, lithe fingers are perfect for playing guitar... *purrs* ----}-@ Krys
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Reviewer: KatB (Anonymous)
24 Jun 2005 12:34 am
Interesting premise. Well written and this line had tears in my eyes--- "and it wasn't like he'd thought to bring astroglide with him to the corner of ass-end and no-where." Laughed so hard! Kat
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