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Reviewer: Aurore (Anonymous)
31 Aug 2006 4:11 pm
This wasn't what I expected at all! Somehow I thought it would be more centered on John and Rodney coming to terms witht the trauma of what happened and I sort of overlooked the "dealing with the mass murder" part. Again, I love how you portray Teyla and Ronon and I can feel that you like her very much. You must be tearing your hair out almost every week when you watch the show! I loved how you didn't try to solve all the problems, all the internal conflicts before ending the story. Esp. John still not understanding why Rodney wouldn't kill him to save his own life and Rodney not understanding why John even asked. It made it seem all the more realistic. You just gave your characters the tools to get to the feeling better part after what happened. Loved it!
Chapter 8: We all fall down
Reviewer: Cheryl M (Anonymous)
31 Aug 2006 3:20 am
Well-crafted, interesting chapter, which I found sort of by accident. Now I'll have to read the entire story!
Chapter 3: The cowards are in the meadow, lying fast asleep.
Reviewer: Aurore (Anonymous)
30 Aug 2006 7:09 pm
Oh wow. And ouch. Harsh, dark and wonderful chapter. You know, I was persuaded that I had left you a long review at the 4th chapter but I must have written that one in my dreams (have you ever dreamt that you are posting on a forum or in your LJ?). You were recommended to me at GW and before I could search for your stories, this one was posted here. The way you write Rodney and John is spot on. The friendship, the banter, how they see each other, why they love each other (because they do, wether you want to interpret it in the slashy way or not). And YES, Teyla is an under exploited character in the show so thank you for giving her some flesh here (uh, bad choice of word here again). I liked your Ronon too. Many people think he's a two dimensional character there for eye candy but I think that they just don't get him, his fierce loyalty and his sense of honor. I'm curious to see how this is all going to unfold once they're back to Atlantis. John's a toughened soldier who has learned to create his own coping mecanisms. But Rodney... (sorry for my English, I'm French and I've had a hard day)

Author's Response: I haven't dreamt I was posting...yet :) I'm glad you thought the characterisation was ok, because that's the worst part of writing sometimes. Also, hey! French! Me too, except Canadian-French, not French-French, but go ahead and review and in French, I'd so love that :)
Chapter 6: Ashes in the jumper. Ashes in the city.
Reviewer: Aurore (Anonymous)
30 Aug 2006 4:59 pm
*blinks* Whaaa? That's downright horrible! I'm afraid of the fire so you can imagine how I felt reading this. And I can't even read the next chapter right now because I have to cook dinner (uh, that sounds very twisted related to this chapter, lol). ARGH! I'm glad that you updated, though. Really :-)

Author's Response: Yeah, uh, this won't make you any more comfortable with fire, sorry! :) I'll keep updating, the fic is all written already, just need to get it up! Thanks for reading and reviewing!!
Chapter 5: The birds upon the steeple, fry high above the people.
Reviewer: Doctor Science (Anonymous)
27 Aug 2006 5:25 pm
omg! There must be more, and soon!! The show gives us so much Sheppard-whumping and so many opportunities for the Team to show concern about him, it's nice (for certain values of "nice") to see Rodney get hurt and Shep show he cares. The way the fight has gone is so very in-character for both of them: how John has to plan & cajole Rodney into fighting, and how he refuses to recognize that Rodney's will to not hurt John is stronger than John's will to be the protecting one.

Author's Response: I always love a good omg, that's a good sign! I'm glad you think the boys in character, it's always a big worry of mine whether I screwed it up or not, so thank you very much for saying so :)
Chapter 4: The King has sent his fighter, to the pond of water.
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