Reviews For Myths of Reality

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Reviewer: kribby (Anonymous)
02 Nov 2006 10:35 am
in case whoever doesnt' get back to you soon... whumped= ass whipped== beat up== knocked down=== like Sheppard oh so frequently is... think "The Definant One", think "Common Ground" think-- any episode where he is bloody, tied up, beat up... and hurting.... yep.

Author's Response: thanks for the explanation, this is my first SGA fanfic and I'm still a bit confused with all the strange SGA specific words
Reviewer: tracy-thenaggingone (Anonymous)
26 Aug 2006 3:24 am
oh yeah! been waiting for a story like this. all the right players in place and a great opening chapter. so i don't think rodney will step in front of john like he did weir... john will get whumped right?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, no McKay certainly won't step in front of John, he's much too afraid to do so. All I can tell you that John won't die, you'll have to wait for the second chapter if you want details. Perhaps you can tell me what "whumped" excactly means for English is not my mother tongue and I couldn't find any explanation in dictionaries or in the internet