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Reviewer: Alia (Anonymous)
14 Jan 2007 2:45 am
I just love this story! So true - Radek and Rodney understand the passion that can take over with the potential for a great scientific discovery. It really annoyed me in the show how unforgiving Elizabeth and Sheppard were about it at the end of the ep. Like how dare he not perform yet another miracle?! Love the ever pragmatic Zelenka - never afraid to stand up to Rodney - but also not afraid to stand up to Elizabeth as needed! Thank you for sharing.
Reviewer: Nora (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2006 1:48 pm
This is great. I always got the feeling that Radek and the engineers would understand what happened at Arcturus much better than Weir and Sheppard. Weir and Sheppard have been spoiled by the whole Sam Carter thing to think that miracles are always going to happen, and that what Rodney really does is "just part of a day's work". Radek and the engineers probably understand better that mistakes like this do happen, how one can get caught up in the science, and that miracles are just that - lucky miracles, which can't be counted on. And I'm a sucker for Loyal, wonderful Radek stories.