Reviews For The Water Rushes

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Reviewer: keira (Signed)
30 May 2008 7:33 pm
This was just lovely!
Reviewer: Emely Raines (Signed)
29 Mar 2008 1:25 pm
I so would have never thought of this paring in a million years. But you wrote this so well. Especially considering I don't usually like het, but the pairing, as I said, it caught me. So I just had to read and it's just great! It's nmot all flowery and it's definitely something I can actually visualize. Radek leaving the magazine, watching her, all of it! Wonderful!
Reviewer: Rii_San (Signed)
06 Mar 2008 5:35 pm
-huggles Radek plushie- I wuv him. He's so sweet. ^^
Reviewer: Rosehawk (Signed)
06 May 2007 1:57 am
Very nice. Very hot!!
Reviewer: Claudia (Anonymous)
29 Aug 2006 8:42 pm
Finally a writer whom loves Radek as he deserves. Great stories so far.
Reviewer: Sharon (Anonymous)
29 Aug 2006 12:12 am
I love Radek and pairing him with Miko was unexpected but you certainly made it work! Hot and sweet...mmm. Thanks for writing!
Reviewer: Mrs. Roboto (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2006 7:29 pm
awww, that was sweet. Really, heart-breakingly cute ^_^
Reviewer: CrayonEater (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2006 11:17 am
I promise to never ever disregard a story because it is not slashy and McSheppy because this was WONDERFUL and lovely and fully glompable. *molests author* :D
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