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Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
03 Oct 2006 6:10 pm
I just want to let you know that I had it figured out as well--not that I *wanted* to... That was horribly creepy, and also really sad (Rodney and John eaten! Teyla going to be eaten, too! Nooo!). I'll just chalk it up to a fevered dream Rodney had in the infirmary, or something, so I don't have to think about it. :) Great story, but, urk. ::shivers::

Author's Response: I know, I kind of hate myself! That's what it was, he had a weird nightmare after eating some psychosis inducing Athosian fruit and then he goes running to Shep's quarters, finds him there in one piece and jumps him. Yep, that's what really happened. Thanks for the feedback (I worried I was a bit too mysterious describing what was going on but it looks I might just have scraped by). :o) glad you liked the story, sorry for the shivers!
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Reviewer: Sandy (Signed)
16 Sep 2006 4:31 am
Wow, very creepy. I get the idea that Rodney, too, has been consumed by whatever it was on that planet - a Blob-like creature that can mimic it's victim, I take it. (Rodney was the first so that's why it's taken his form?) Very, very creepy. I loved it even though you killed my boys. :)

Author's Response: Ok, I think I love you! I was beginning to lose hope because no-one else seemed to get what had happened. My Beta had warned me that the story was too ambiguous so I went back and fleshed it out a bit but still almost every other review has been along the lines of 'er, what happened'? so I guessed I didn't do a very good job! And re: killing the boys? I know!! I hate deathfic as well! But I sort of fooled myself it wasn't really a death fic because it doesn't actually happen on the page. self-delusion's a terrible thing, huh? thanks a lot for the review (and making me feel a lot better about this story) and I'm really glad you liked it.
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Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
15 Sep 2006 6:59 pm
OH MY GOD!! Creepy!! And so good...what did Rodney do with Sheppard? Please update!

Author's Response: See, my beta thought that was a bit ambiguous so I went back and fleshed it out a bit but I guess it wasn't enough - I didn't want to ruin the mystery / creepiness by spelling it out. I hadn't planned on a sequel or further parts. I can tell you what I was trying to put across, if you like? But thanks for the review!
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Reviewer: Ficklememeer (Anonymous)
15 Sep 2006 5:48 pm
Wow! *shiver* Nicely done...creepy, but nicely done! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, that's my first story at Wraith bait and I was nervous because the standard is so high here. Glad you liked it!
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