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Reviewer: Lenyia (Anonymous)
16 Feb 2007 2:39 pm
Hi! Your story is great, really :) I am from Czech republic so I want to manage with translate your word "what". It is true that it meanings "jaký" but also "co". This meaning is better then "jaký". "Jaký" also means "which" so... :) I am sorry for my mistakes because my English is not very good... :) Have a nice day :)
Reviewer: kribby (Anonymous)
01 Oct 2006 11:52 am
that was really well done! kudos!
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Reviewer: toasteronfire (Anonymous)
22 Sep 2006 9:29 pm
Cute! Sweet! I love M/W stories with awkward Rodney, and you captured him here so well. Put a grin on my face, thank you for sharing! :)
A Remote Diagnosis
Reviewer: Aurore (Anonymous)
20 Sep 2006 4:52 pm
Ah, a bit of romance with Rodney still in character! This is very rare to find. Thanks for that gem :-)
A Remote Diagnosis
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
20 Sep 2006 2:35 am
That was very sweet :)
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Reviewer: Dwparsnip (Anonymous)
19 Sep 2006 10:13 pm
That's sweet as hell. Very, very cute and well done.
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