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Reviewer: ceitie (Anonymous)
25 Sep 2006 2:05 am
Wow, this is a truly awesome tag to Common Ground. There's simply no time for the show to allow the characters to react realistically to the traumas they face, but Sheppard was tortured pretty much to death and that's not something that would just go away. I especially like Elizabeth's gratitude and guilt, and Rodney's friendship.

Author's Response: Thank you! Really appreciate your kind words. And John's experience was definitely far too traumatic to just shrug off, wasn't it? which is why I couldn't resist trying to explore how he would try to come to terms with everything. Thanks again!
Nothing But Sky
Reviewer: hugawag (Anonymous)
24 Sep 2006 4:44 pm
this is a fantastic story! thanks

Author's Response: And thanks so much for the feedback!
Nothing But Sky
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
24 Sep 2006 10:02 am
Excellent story. You've done a great job with John's mixed up emotions and feelings as he tries to deal not only with his ordeal, but with the sometimes overwhelming concern from his friends too. I could see him fighting and getting angry with himself over his 'shameful' shaking and flinching and crying, even as we all know that he wouldn't find it shameful were it Rodney, Carson or even Ronon in his position. I loved the ending, John just needing Rodney's typical snark and a bit of visual evidence of his ordeal to make things start to feel real again. I liked Rodney's bursts of sympathy in amongst his irritation and demands for an explanation. Very them, 'The McShep Show' way of dealing with things: snark it into submission :). You always know things will be okay once John and Rodney start sniping at each other. Great story. Laura.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much for such incredible feedback! And that's very true that John would never regard his teammates' vulnerability as shameful or weak, yet he can't abide that same vulnerability in himself. The poor guy is much too hard on himself, isn't he? And I'm so glad you liked the McShep show in the end. =) I think at that point, Rodney was the only who could help John come to better terms with his emotions, because those two really do deal with trauma in the same way - 'snarking it into submission,' as you so brilliantly said. I love that, actually! I almost want to borrow it for my next fic. =) Thanks again - much appreciated!
Nothing But Sky
Reviewer: Amy (Anonymous)
23 Sep 2006 3:53 pm
Thanks,great story!!

Author's Response: thank you! Glad you enjoyed it.
Nothing But Sky
Reviewer: Jaley (Anonymous)
23 Sep 2006 3:37 pm
I really liked this one,glad to see one done on Common ground and Johns own reaction to it all since we really didn't see it.I liked the interaction between the doctor and John and how he could finally show emotions with him,Johns not stong on showing his inner emotions so this was a cool way to let him get it out,would love to see him finally tell them what happened, great job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And John really does have a terrible time showing his emotions or admitting to any vulnerability, doesn't he? so I'm glad his reactions rang true. Don't know if he'll ever be able to fully talk about everything that happened, but who knows? I may get inspired. =)
Nothing But Sky