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Reviewer: Azamiko (Signed)
21 Apr 2012 3:43 am
Gotta admit, I love seeing SGA-1 shock/awe SG-1, especially Rodney.
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
08 Feb 2007 1:17 am
Great story. It had a bit of everything: A treasure hunt; battles against the wraith; Teyla being badly injured and the worry that generated; Rodney breaking out his hive-buster and reading the Ancient (which, I couldn't help but grin at the shock from SG-1); banter and general cammeraderie; Rodney's confusion over John's smile and actions and how he quickly got the idea when John kissed him that first time; and a safe return, with everyone on the mend and a nice quiet moment between John and Rodney. Great stuff. Laura.
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: Raiining (Anonymous)
06 Jan 2007 2:25 am
Ah, lovely story. I love it when SG-1 comes out to play, and I adore it more when things don't go quite as planned. Also love how Sam and Mitchell seem to know whats up with Rodney and John long before anything actually begins. Very nice job. :)
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: Aloe (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2006 2:06 am
This was sweet & so very Rodney.
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: Lughtigern (Anonymous)
25 Sep 2006 8:40 am
I loved this. The characterizations are spot on. The by-play between them, fantastic. You really captured the culture shock SG-1 should suffer in this instance really well. Great job!
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: MckaysPet (Signed)
25 Sep 2006 8:07 am
hmm, i like it! what more ca i say?
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: angw (Anonymous)
25 Sep 2006 7:59 am
I like that Rodney is oblivious and everyone figures it out before him. The slow but steady emergence of his feelings is captured well. Cheers.
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: Keegan (Signed)
25 Sep 2006 7:27 am
This story is really great. I'm not a huge McShep fan but I like to read fics about the pairing from time to time and this one's a good one. Thank you for sharing!
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
25 Sep 2006 3:54 am
This was so good. You did a great job in keeping everyone in character. One of the best crossovers I have read. Thanks.
Chapters 1-9
Reviewer: Belladonna (Anonymous)
25 Sep 2006 12:29 am
Loved this-loved Rodney's emotions...and his snark is sweet
Chapters 1-9