Reviews For I of the Universe

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Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous)
28 Sep 2006 6:24 pm
I liked this! You know, the only problem I had with that episode was the fact that to get a sociable Rodney, the other members of the team in his universe had to be annoying. You know, Teyla being hard to talk to and John being a know-it-all. Don't know why that bugged me so much, either...

Author's Response: I think the bit that annoyed me was the idea that somehow being personable meant you weren't smart. So you could be like John, loveable but dumb, or like Rodney which is irritating but smart. Which is stupid because they had no problem making the SG-1 folks smart and dashing... although it took them several seasons. :P Ah well, I still like the 'real' Rodney better! ^_^ Glad you liked it!