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Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous)
04 Oct 2006 6:04 pm
You write beautifully. Very descriptive, but not over wordy and you have the characters and their voices down pat. you've also managed to capture in words the confusion and shell-shocked sensation of what it is to lose someone. I can't wait for more of this.

Author's Response: Can't, or won't? *looks upset* I can write faster! I just need my...juice helmet...yeah. I'm tired. Thanks for the wonderful review! ^_^
Crossing Paths
Reviewer: Doctor Science (Anonymous)
04 Oct 2006 5:53 pm
wo. You better not make us wait too long for more. Gripping and painful, but now a sparkle of hope -- or at least curiousity -- appears.

Author's Response: Sparkling's what I do best. See? *sparkles* I can do it again! *sparkles* Hee hee...uh oh. *lights flicker, buzz, then go out* Um....crap. I am so fired.
Crossing Paths
Reviewer: just1tearforme (Anonymous)
04 Oct 2006 5:25 pm
When I read the first chapter you originally posted I thought it was an excellent story. I still think its an excellent fic but now its much better. I'm completely intrigued and want to know more. I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Hey, you just called my story "excellent" and "better". That's pretty cool. Thanks for being makes my day.
Twenty Questions
Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous)
02 Oct 2006 2:35 am
*bawls uncontrollably* I... I... That was just... I can't... *bawls even louder than before*

Author's Response: *pats gently on the shoulder* Console, Dr. Pepper? *hands her a can of soda*
Twenty Questions
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
01 Oct 2006 10:51 pm
Very well written and scary in the fact that it could happen. I gasped when I realized how Rodney was injured. I hope he passed out from blood loss and not because he slipped beyond the viel.

Author's Response: Not even the blood faeries could put it all back. Sorry. He's really dead. But there's more to come, so keep reading. Thanks for the supportive comments. :)
Twenty Questions
Reviewer: colorof1 (Anonymous)
01 Oct 2006 8:19 pm
this was a great death fic , i had really expected a happy ending until you threw in the damaged dhd , a beautiful finish , very well written.ill certainly keep an eye out for more of your fic

Author's Response: Put that eye to good use. I go 50/50 with sad/happy endings, so don't get your hopes up...or down...for that matter. Um. Have a cookie. *gives out cookie*
Twenty Questions
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
01 Oct 2006 7:41 pm
*sob* poor Rodney!!! OMG that was sad! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'd give you a tissue, but I sort of used them all. *points to gigantic pile of used tissues* Want a used one?
Twenty Questions