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Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
16 Feb 2008 11:49 pm
It's fate! Yay!
And cliched flirting, where would the world be without it? probably spinning madly off kilter into the surface of the sun or something equally awful... sorry, slightly off topic there.
Good piece, nice new take on their meeting. XD
The Stranger In Front Of Him
Reviewer: Ryuuto (Signed)
23 Oct 2007 1:03 am
I now love Starbucks. XD This was really cute. Kinda reminded me of how my mom and dad would always see each other during a Fire Drill. O_o; Anehway, great job, hope to see more, and...I forgot what else I was gonna say. -sweat drop- Hopefully, it'll come back to me after I re-read it when I've got the time. >_> Stupid high school...
The Stranger In Front Of Him
Reviewer: Ishtra Nalamanti (Signed)
09 Oct 2006 12:53 am
I usually don't read slash, but really enjoied this one. If I had ten thumbs instead of the two, they'd be raised. Still, I do have the two and they're way way up!
The Stranger In Front Of Him
Reviewer: Mice (Anonymous)
06 Oct 2006 7:11 am
I read this one back on LJ and still really enjoy it. In fact, if you ever wrote another story in this AU, I'd be a very happy passel of rodents.
The Stranger In Front Of Him
Reviewer: luvsciencegeeks (Signed)
06 Oct 2006 2:38 am
I like this--I can really picture it in my mind. You've really painted a picture with your words. Good story.
The Stranger In Front Of Him