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Reviewer: mandy (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2007 2:57 pm
I liked your take on the crossover. I'm a fan of the Underworld movies. John seemed a little weak for a vampire when he fought Andreas, but the connection between John and Rodney seemed real.

Author's Response: I think the fight scene was just too short. John's not a weak vampire - but Andreas is/was a very powerful one. John never really had a chance, no matter how strong or how good a fighter he is.
Reviewer: Kasuka (Anonymous)
28 Feb 2007 8:15 pm
Ich liebe Underworld, ich liebe SGA... und ich wäre nie auf die Idee gekommen, beides zu verbinden! Der einzige Wermutstropfen... es is vorbei T.T Trotzdem! So much love for this/you!

Author's Response: Danke! Ich verbinde im Moment fast jeden Film mit SGA. *hüstel* Obsessed? Me? Naaaah. ;)
Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Signed)
06 Oct 2006 10:15 pm
oh very good iwould love you forever and ever if you wrote a second part pls pls accmk

Author's Response: Ah, this is a stand-alone, so probably not, no. But thank you. :)
Reviewer: Becketts_Lass (Signed)
06 Oct 2006 5:01 pm
Oooooooo, I really liked this...totally going into my favorites...sadly the manip didn't show up...sad day there.

Author's Response: Oh, I'm sorry, I'll make sure the link isn't broken.
Reviewer: Mystic (Anonymous)
06 Oct 2006 4:42 pm
Wow, this was cool. Though sad that it took so long for them to find eachother again and that John didn't recongize Rodney right away. Glad it worked out and thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed reading this. :)