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Reviewer: KateCayce (Signed)
05 Dec 2006 12:26 am
Just when I think you've put us through enough, you have to go and destroy Earth!

Author's Response: was the Replicators, not me.
at the end
Reviewer: kribby/kristy (Anonymous)
21 Nov 2006 3:46 am
goodness, I hate the ori. useless bad guys-- I do like your Queen Mab... vicious bitch. (seriously, this is a compliment to your writing-- I actually care enough about your created character to form a epersonal opinion) yep.
Reviewer: kribby (Anonymous)
21 Nov 2006 3:38 am
So, I am al reading this story... not reviewing... just reading... so far-- great work. I really liked this chapter. Interesting (from my understanding intelligent and sensible) science details. Nice romance...nice pacing with the underlying KILL the EVIL ASUARANS plot.. great work
I know
Reviewer: Mardahin (Signed)
18 Nov 2006 10:29 am
Wonderful world building, and gorgeous slow build. I love your attention to detail, and also the complexity of the retaking of Atlantis. And the ending to part nine has me all anxious, which is totally not cool as I have my own post-Return fic to finish before Part 2 airs. *Sighs* To Sum Up: Great job.
I know
Reviewer: Haley Teague (Anonymous)
27 Oct 2006 2:16 pm
This is a great story--good suspense building. I keep waiting for the penny to drop; you've certianly given them enough clues. Or I thought at least Teyla or Carson might suspect--but I guess they're not seeing all the symptoms, and that makes it harder to figure out. Really good work here--I like the build up of the relationship, it's very true to character. I also, of course, enjoyed the retaking of the city!
Letting go
Reviewer: tracy-thenaggingone (Anonymous)
16 Oct 2006 4:22 pm
oh very cool job. elizabeth the warrior. nice job with the John/Liz reconnect at the end.

Author's Response: I thought it was time for her to do some fighting. :) Glad you liked it.
blood and dust
Reviewer: bkwrm (Anonymous)
12 Oct 2006 9:29 pm
Love this story. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: thanks very much!
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