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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
12 Oct 2006 4:44 pm
Great Rodney voice throughout. Poor John, caught in the McKay whirlwind, forever destined to be perplexed and unable to finish his book. I'm glad he got it in the end though :). Laura.
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Reviewer: helva (Anonymous)
10 Oct 2006 7:45 pm
"At this rate he's never going to finish War and Peace" - well, at least John's got his priorities! But seriously, it's a great last line. And I love the way that you see each of Rodney's stages of sorting through his emotions not from an internal point of view, but from John's viewpoint as an observer. Poor, vulnerable Rodney. Poor confused John *g*.
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Reviewer: Ishtra Nalamanti (Signed)
10 Oct 2006 7:40 pm
I have to agree with Kirby, though I do occationally read slash if it's not all about sex.
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Reviewer: kribby (Anonymous)
10 Oct 2006 6:30 pm
I hate slash-- and I LOVE this story! So well done! Kudos!
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