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Reviewer: WolfenMoondaughter (Signed)
10 Jan 2008 1:29 am
Very funny, and very sweet! :D Love your descriptions!
We Made Aliens Do It
Reviewer: kibou_sueshijuu (Anonymous)
18 Nov 2006 4:40 am
no, john, you're definately not a corncob... ^.^ adorable story, love it! especially the aliens, hehe. :D
We Made Aliens Do It
Reviewer: bluebrocade (Anonymous)
25 Oct 2006 4:24 am
:) I like it!
We Made Aliens Do It
Reviewer: SylvanWitch (Anonymous)
25 Oct 2006 3:46 am
OMG! Funny and sweet and hot and FUNNY! Really, really funny. The names of the aliens had me rolling, and then the line about not having enough vowels. And you made the transition from funny and silly to truly beautiful with such ease--brilliant!
We Made Aliens Do It
Reviewer: Manic (Anonymous)
25 Oct 2006 3:35 am
ROFLMAO!! That was great! Funny and sweet and sexy. The aliens were hilarious, and what a unique POV. I also love the comment about "I'm not a corncob", and how Rodney put everything on the line to express himself to John.
We Made Aliens Do It
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
25 Oct 2006 1:43 am
Those were some pretty interesting aliens but they showed John and Rodney something. :)
We Made Aliens Do It
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
24 Oct 2006 11:52 pm
Very hot. I liked seeing things, and the team, from the aliens' pov and had to chuckle at the logic that the long haired people should go together. It was also amusing to see how things had gone wrong for the aliens, who had only wanted to wait until their leader was awake, but ended up getting into trouble instead. I'm glad Rodney and John didn't go the awkward and tense route for very long and quickly decided that having hot sex was much better. Excellent judgement there, guys ;). Laura.
We Made Aliens Do It