Reviews For Cambodia

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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
08 Feb 2007 1:52 am
And you've done it again. Another story with a great mix of action, adventure, massive peril, banter, bickering, the treasure found at last and great emotional and hot scenes with John and Rodney. I loved the idea of them all taking a vacation in New York, showing Teyla and Ronon a little of where their friends came from. I also loved John's little meek moment and how Rodney knew just how to take advantage of it :). Laura.
Reviewer: chanel (Anonymous)
12 Jan 2007 1:53 pm
Fantastic story, I really liked it. I liked the mcshep developement.
Reviewer: indus (Anonymous)
10 Dec 2006 4:39 am
Great story. Beautiful. Makes me cry. Poor John, just barely understanding how much he's loved.
Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
09 Dec 2006 6:36 pm
Excellent. Your attention to detail, in the characterizations and the descriptions, makes this very nearly perfect. I like that your John and Rodney are such guys! Thanks
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
09 Dec 2006 5:29 am
That's great and they do say that friends make the best lovers. I think Rodney and John prove that point. :)