Moving Forward by bridgie0202 [ - ]
Series Summary:Two boys meet, add a girl and have a baby...

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Summary: Sheppard and Lorne had a sappy coming together. Now they're married and Lorne is wondering what he's in for next.

Updated: 29 Aug 2008; Published: 22 Jun 2008

Summary: Evan gets fed up with the military regulations and decides to do something about it...until John decides to protect him.

Updated: 04 Jun 2008; Published: 09 Mar 2008
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Summary: 'Lizabeth passed on and left John and Evan with a tiny, precious baby girl that they promptly named Lizzy. Sometimes life in Atlantis is unpredictable. Other times, it's sweet as pie.

Updated: 14 Mar 2009; Published: 05 Mar 2009